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There needs to be a paradigm shift in the function of public safety. Law enforcement needs to break free from the traditional enforcement based model and evolve into a new community caretaker format. My vision is to see a coalition between the Sheriff’s Office, local law enforcement, the States Attorney, the County Board, local school systems, hospitals, the health department, convalescent center, mental illness facilities and local community groups. This collaborative coalition could address important issues and concerns of citizens, business owners and the commuting public. There needs to be one, unified plan of action that will address the issues deemed most important to local businesses and the people within DuPage County. Subjects such as mental illness, drug use, crime patterns, traffic concerns, security for homes and businesses should all be cohesively dealt with as a team. It all starts with open community and the construction of a diversely representative member from each stakeholder within the county to meet monthly to determine what goals should be communally pursued. It may be an ambitious idea that will take a large amount of work to achieve, but what great things in life are easy? This is all possible through partnerships and good people who genuinely have deep concern for our community. I believe that by involving our business leaders and community representatives, the Sheriff’s Office could evolve into a new, modern entity that provides an array of services that were never offered in the past.

If you plan to provide a corporate donation in the near future, host or sponsor an event or would like additional information on our campaign please contact James Mendrick.

D1-Statement can be downloaded from the IL Campaign Disclosure Website

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